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    Powder Coating Quality Control Has Many Facets

    Like a fine diamond, quality has many facets - rigorous testing is one. To guarantee that each customer receives the full benefit of powder coating, the technicians at S&B Finishing don’t leave quality to chance. Performing a comprehensive series of seven tests on each part moving through their shop,...

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    Powder Coating vs Liquid Coating

    Every time any of us are having work done, some of us feel a little uneasy that it just might not turn out the way we would like it. So if you would like to take a product or part to be painted I would understand why you might...

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    A Brief History of Powder Coating

    When discovering the history of powder coating, like with everything else, powder coating didn’t start over night. It’s a technique that was perfected over the years and this method can be traced to as early as the late 1940s. During this time powders were flame sprayed on metallic substrates....

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