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    Your Environment and Powder Coating Possibilities

    When isn’t paint superficial? When it promotes a healthier environment by reducing energy use, purifying the air, decreasing reliance on fossil fuels and keeping old tires out of landfills.

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    How Every Day is Earth Day at S&B Finishing

    Most people initially elect Powder Coating for its tough, long-lasting and attractive finish and with Earth Day upon us - not necessarily to make a positive impact on the planet. Yet by design, Powder Coating is a greener kind of finish.

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    Recycling & Reuse at Powder Coat Chicago… It Adds Up

    S&B President Kenny Spielman says, “S&B Finishing is proud to announce that during 2016 we recycled a total of 70,804 lbs. of cardboard, Gaylords, and empty boxes. In 2017 our goal is to exceed these numbers and continue to work for a more environmentally friendly workplace.

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    The Effects of Powder Coating on the Environment

    There are so many ways to protect our environment from the amount of pollution our planet earth takes everyday. You can ride your bike, recycle, or turn on eco mode in your 2017 car. Yes, things have changed and the ability to help protect the environment has gotten easier...

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