How Every Day is Earth Day at S&B Finishing

Most people initially elect power coating for its tough, long-lasting and attractive finish and with Earth Day upon us—not necessarily to make a positive impact on the planet. 

Yet by design, powder coat is a greener kind of finish

To begin with, greater durability and longevity as compared to solvent-based paint translates into a longer working life for the coated component. Not having to refinish or dispose of the part or machinery as soon puts less drain on environmental resources and reduces waste—not to mention expenses for the company. 

So while customers invest in a sound product that benefits their bottom line in the long term, they simultaneously diminish their carbon footprint and contribute to cleaner environment. 

Cleaner air, an unsung benefit of powder coat 

Powder coatings do not contain toxic solvents or HAPs (Hazardous Air Pollutants) nor do they require solvents for cleanup as do liquid or enamel paints. Most do not release any polluting VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds) into the earth’s atmosphere. The few powder formulas that do, show negligible VOC emission. 

The powder coating process produces less exhaust which translates into less smog in the air. This clean process allows most of the exhaust air from the coating booth to recycle back into the plant instead of being emitted into the outside air.

Powder overspray is reusable so very little waste is generated, none of which is hazardous. Unused powder is easily reclaimed and returned to the hopper to be recirculated through the system. Liquid paints, on the contrary, produce hazardous waste as a by-product that requires expensive equipment (i.e. additional resources) to dispose of safely. 

Helping companies leave a greener footprint

Choosing powder over other finishes to coat their parts allows S&B customers to leave a smaller carbon footprint. 

Powder coat reduces carbon dioxide emissions up to 60 percent in comparison to solvent-based liquid paint according to stats from the Powder Coat Institute. A reduction in emissions equivalent to 95 million cars could be achieved if everything finished with such paint was powder coated instead! 

Discover more about the environmental benefits of powder coating in this video from the Powder Coat Institute…


Above and beyond offering a greener product, S&B Finishing is committed to going the extra mile to operate efficiently while generating minimum waste day in and day out. For example, the company’s recycling program continues in full swing with approximately 71 thousand pounds of cardboard kept out of landfills each year. 

Learn more about S&B Finishing’s commitment to its Recycling and Reuse Program.

That’s how Powder Coat Chicago celebrates Earth Day every day!