The Effects of Powder Coating on the Environment

The Effects of Powder Coating on the EnvironmentThere are so many ways to protect our environment from the amount of pollution our planet earth takes everyday. You can ride your bike, recycle, or turn on eco mode in your 2017 car.

Yes, things have changed and the ability to help protect the environment has gotten easier in today’s world with technology and research leading the way. Here are some additional findings for you to take in regarding the effects of Powder Coating on the Environment. The use of powder coating helps keep our air pollution levels down, but it’s the Clean Air Act of 1970 that really prompted powder coating processes as the best coating process to reduce air pollution by eliminating volatile organic compounds (VOC).

Ecological Advantages

Powder coating really began to be well recognized between the years of 1971-1975. Now powder coating is well known to be the best available control technology to reduce air pollution. The ecological advantages of powder coating continues to grow and continues to be accepted today. One of the most positive environmental aspects is that powder coatings contain no solvent. This means less oven air is exhausted to the outside. This process is inherently safer and clean than systems utilizing solvent based paints. Powder coatings reduce waste and present few hazards because in most systems powder coatings are collected and recycled.

Could you imagine what would we do with all that powder if it couldn’t be recycled? First-pass transfer efficiency is high compared with that of liquid paint. Another great aspect is that powder coatings are all pretty much free of heavy metals.

Being environmentally conscious is a goal of everyone, using the environmentally conscious services and products is the responsibility of everyone.