Powder Coating Quality Control – Specular Gloss Test

This is the third video in a series on Powder Coating Quality Control Testing by S&B Finishing.

Specular Gloss Test – ASTM D523-14

The next Quality Control Test used by S&B Finishing is the Specular Gloss Test. This test measures the specular gloss of the coating. It measures the gloss unit (GU). 

There are 3 categories of the test results. The categories are glossy finish, semi-gloss finish, and flat or matte finish. The levels of finish are determined by our customers needs and our recommendations according to the type of parts being finished.

Just another way S&B Finishing produces quality products for its customers!

Our next video will look at the Crosshatch Test.

Use this link to view the fourth video in our series on Powder Coating Quality Control Testing – Crosshatch Test