Powder Coating Quality Control – Crosshatch Test

This is the fourth video in a series on Powder Coating Quality Control Testing by S&B Finishing.

Crosshatch Test – ASTM D3359-17 Method B

One of the Powder Coat Quality Control Tests performed at S&B Finishing is the Crosshatch Adhesion Test (ASTM D3359-17 Method-B).

This test is accomplished by marking a square with a scalpel on the finished part and applying pressure sensitive tape to the area. The tape is then removed. If there is no paint or coating that is removed from the part on the tape, it has passed the test.

If paint or coating was removed on the tape, there is contamination on the part, and has failed this quality control test.

Just another way S&B Finishing produces quality products for its customers!

Our next video will look at the Water Break Free Test.

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