Powder Coating Quality Control – MEK Solvent Test

This is the second video in a series on Powder Coating Quality Control Testing by S&B Finishing.

MEK Solvent Test – ASTM D5402-15

One of the quality control tests that S&B Finishing uses is the MEK Solvent Test. Every powder has a curing temperature, if it does not reach the temperature, there is the possibility of a flaking or chip off.

Methyl Ethyl Ketone (MEK) is the solvent used in this test. It is applied to the finished product with a Q-Tip with a series of 25 strokes. No change in the finish means the powder is cured, no flaking or chipping.

Just another way S&B Finishing produces quality products for its customers!

Our next video that will look at the Specular Gloss Test.

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