The Tempting Power of Color in Powder Coating

Powder Coating Colors - Applications
Color possibilities beyond bounds may seem like pure decadence, but given the nearly infinite Powder Coating Applications, there are customers for every powder choice. 

If 50 shades of grey sent hearts racing, just imagine the implications of 90 shades of black!

Slip into the sample chip room at S&B Finishing to catch a glimpse of something exciting. Not only will you find of those 90 tantalizing blacks but close to another 100 shades in every other color family—hues to make your jaw drop. We currently have over 500 different products on hand.

Powder Coating Colors

Color possibilities beyond bounds may seem like pure decadence, but given the nearly infinite powder coating applications, there are customers for every choice of Powder Coating Colors. We’re talking municipal utility grid, military and automotive parts all the way to household appliances, playground equipment and even dog bowls.

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Just how powerful is the role of color in the world of product finishing? Outside sales rep, Tony Modro gives us a clue. After 31 years with S&B Finishing and hundreds of conversations with powder coat customers, he has something to say about color.

No Stock Black and White

To begin with, forget about standard black or white. There’s no such thing!

Of course he’s too professional to really laugh when a potential customer says, “…just give me a stock black.” Instead, with sample chips in hand, he demonstrates the possibilities. 

“Your stock black may have a red hue while mine has a green hue. Your stock white may have a blue or you may be looking for a white that borders on cream,” he explains. “With so much range within each color family, nothing substitutes for sitting down face-to-face with the customer to get the color right.” 

Playground for Artists and Designers

Artists and designers add powder to their palate.

“I’ve seen artists do absolutely amazing things,” shares Tony, recalling a bar designer who built swirl overlapping swirl on aluminum surfaces.  A high gloss finish brought it alive so that no matter what angle you viewed the object there was the illusion of motion that especially came alive under halogen lighting,  

On the other end of the spectrum, dull finishes reminiscent of auto primer have found their way into consumers’ hearts in the world of architectural and interior design. 

Beyond color, faux finishes that replicate other materials like wood, marble or granite are popular choices. “It’s fascinating to look at how a stove hood can now be the focal point for an entire kitchen thanks to an eye-catching copper powder coat finish,” he adds.

Design trends come and go although usually not as fast as in fashion, since powder coated products are an investment most consumers use for more than a season. 

Creating a Mood with Color for 

Beyond aesthetics, color is known to affect mood and human emotion. 

For kids it can play a role in behavior. Leading manufacturers of children’s play structures are taking color research into consideration with their new products, according to a recent article in PCI’s Powder Coat Tough magazine.  

Going beyond the traditional primary colors, brands are now intentionally incorporating hues that harmonize with the surroundings and help benefit the child at play. Along with attracting and appealing to children, a color may do double duty by directing their attention and helping them navigate the play equipment safely. 

For the plethora of color choices with all their many ramifications, OEMs and custom coaters alike have their powder suppliers to thank. But by no means does that lessen a finishing shop’s importance.

The Tempting Power of Color in Powder Coating

 “Perfect color has zero value for a customer if the coating isn’t expertly applied. Nor does the highest quality application and quickest delivery time do a client good if the part comes out the wrong color,” says President Kenny Spielman. “With repeat clients and its ISO 2015 certification to vouch for quality, S&B Finishing gets all aspects of color right for its customers.”