ISO 9001 – What’s in a Name?

ISO 9001:2015

With S&B Finishing, what you see is what you get. Quality. That time-tested fact is closely tied to S&B’s ISO 9001:2015 certification.

Here is a link to our ISO 9001:2015 Certification.

So, what is ISO 9001, and why should you take notice?

1. It’s all about quality – every time.

ISO 9001 refers to a Quality Management System certification by the International Organization of Standardization (ISO), based in Switzerland. The 2015 standard focuses on meeting and exceeding customer expectations. Earning it is important because it means proving a higher standard quality – time and time again.

With ISO 9001, every S&B process to powder coat a product – from beginning to end — was mapped and examined for improvement opportunities. This covered everything from purchasing the correct materials (e.g. powder, packaging) to powder coating the parts, properly packaging and shipping the product. If there was a non-conformance, the problem was resolved.

2. Our employees master their domain – for your end product.

A quality product is as good as the employees behind it. ISO certification demanded S&B identify the knowledge and skills needed to complete each process. With that, S&B rallied its employees behind S&B’s mission for quality in every work element. That meant training to develop required skills, visual reviews, standardizing record keeping and actions for improvement.

As a result, employees are not just more confident and competent in their work, they clearly understand what they need to do and continuously improve.

3. Customer confidence.

With ISO 9001 next to S&B’s name, you can be sure of the real deal in performance and quality. An accredited ISO 9001 body completed many rigorous audits, and continue to do so annually. They examine S&B’s quality management goals and processes. Employees are reviewed for their performance and full understanding of specific process instructions, policies and quality goals.

The process doesn’t end with the audits. It continues each day as S&B constantly monitors and measures to verify established quality standards.

S&B’s President Kenny Spielman summarizes this way. “With ISO 9001:2015, you don’t have to bet on quality. It shows we produce the consistent product our customers expect.”

That’s worth banking on.